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New Gen Customer Engagement Platform

Simple tool to reward your customers and grow your business.

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Key features

Grow your business. Offer digital collectables to your customers and generate new revenue stream

Offer NFT on branded Marketplace 

Offer gated content on your web page for NFT holders 

Grant instant utility on your e-shop: discount, voucher, free shipping, pre sale of products

Track performance of your campaigns with simple analytical tools

Reward users with tokenized points for later cashbacks

Designed for e-shops and creators.

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Scale your business

No matter if you are an e-shop content creator or influencer you can offer digital collectables on branded marketplace under your domain. Simple.

Your business ready for the future

We brought two worlds together. Web 2 and 3 finally united! Now with NFT and tokens you can offer direct and instant utility for your clients so they will come back for more and your business grows.

Our partners

Clients during onboarding:

Clothes with the tought of people who share our passion for physical activities outdoors.

Best-organized ski and snowboard trips.